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PlayMancer (A European Serious Gaming 3D Environment) is a Collaborative Project, started on 1st of November 2007 and running for 43 months in total. 8 partners from 6 countries participate in the project.

The potential of games for entertainment and learning has been demonstrated thoroughly from research and clearly in the market place. Unfortunately, the investments committed to entertainment dwarfs that which is committed for more serious purposes. Furthermore, game development has become more complex, expensive, and burdened with a long development cycle. This creates barriers to independent game developers, and inhibits the introduction of innovative games, or new game genres, i.e. serious games, or games accessible to communities with special needs. Playmancer is investigating the potential of games in the Health Care sector.

The objectives of the project are :

  1. Playmancer aims at integrating a development platform, based on an existing games engine, with tools and mechanisms that will allow for interoperable binding, inclusion and access of existing, emerging and new multi-modal I/O devices.
  2. Playmancer evaluation objectives include recording of interaction data aiming at making them available on a readable and standardized manner, thus allowing therapists to evaluate and better understand the status and evolution of the patients.
  3. The Playmancer evaluation system platform will be tailored for realizing serious games scenarios for health and consequently it will be tested and validated in the domain of two applications (on pain rehabilitation and mental health) involving the integration of innovative I/O devices.
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Do you dislike textual descriptions and explanations?

Do you hate digging in long intricate listings and tomes of knowledge while all you would like to get is the big picture? 

Then please have an audiovisual look at what PlayMancer project is all about:

New project deliverables published! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Elias Kalapanidas   
Thursday, 14 July 2011 14:38

We have released some new project deliverables for all of you, including a user and player manual of the 2 produced prototype games, plus the reports from field trial studies with real patients.

 pile of documents released by the project

You may find therein answers to the following questions: 

  • Did the PlayMancer prototype games produce a positive impact on our 2 groups of real patients, suffering from chronic pain (the former) and of eating disorders and pathological gambling (the latter)? 
  • How did they rate the playing experience? 
  • What is the game design of the 2 PlayMancer games? What do they look like?
  • Applying motion tracking in games for health? What for?
  • Emotion recognition in games for health? How is this implemented?

Read more in the reports that you may find in the Public Documents area of this site!

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PlayMancer is funded by the European Commission PDF Print E-mail
Seventh framework programme logo
Playmancer is a EC-funded research project
The PlayMancer project is accepted for funding by the European Commission under the funding contract 215839 of the seventh framework programme for research (FP7) in information and communication technologies (ICT). This made it possible for the project consortium to carry out the research needed into investigating and promoting the project concept of using serious games for medical purposes.
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