Playing Keno in a casino is not the way to get the best odds. But the game of Keno is a way to get lucky and make a big payout with a smaller size bet. Playing Keno is not unlike playing a lottery, except this lottery pays out more small prizes for only hitting a few of the numbers. The odds increase as the amount of numbers you hit increases. A player can pick more than a dozen numbers during a game, but the chances of hitting all those numbers will be astronomical. But even though Keno is purely a luck game, one can still play the game smarter if they choose the number of spots wisely.

It’s usually a waste of your money to bet on 11 or more numbers in a game. The odds of hitting them all are too big, and often the casino will limit the payout of the game. That means that you may only get a percentage of true odds that a hit like that should play. Find out if the casino has a payout limitation on the Keno game, and if they do adjust your spot selection to a number that would pay the casino maximum, and no more.

The odds for catching an 8-spot are 23,000 to one, less than half the odds you’ll have to beat to hit 11 spots (63K to 1) but still a tough one to hit. Which numbers you choose have no bearing on the outcome, so choosing consecutive numbers, or a series of numbers, have the same chance of hitting as a random set does. Some people like to pick numbers that match birthdays of family, or lucky numbers that they think they have.

Online Keno is the fairest version of the game. Live casino games wear out after a long period of time, and sometimes Keno games will favor certain numbers. If this is the case, it will pay to bet on numbers that have been recently drawn. Online the Keno games are completely random like a lottery would be, and would never favor one number over another at any point.

By Tasha

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